More great reviews for Scarlett

We’re pleased to say that Scarlett and the Spark of Life has has won more fans among reviewers.


In his feature Girl Power: 3 iPhone Heroines, Jonathan Liu decided that the “brilliantly written” Scarlett might just be his favourite, with “priceless” dialogue choices and “a princess who speaks her mind, and it’s a sharp one.”


John Bardinelli praised the game’s humour (comparing it favourably to genre classics Broken Sword and The Secret of Monkey Island — thanks, John!) and noted its appeal for casual gamers:

The humor and writing are definitely the strong points of the game, and you'll encounter several genuine laugh out loud moments while you play. An excellent adventure game for casual gamers, and a must-buy title for any iPhone/iPod Touch owner!

Spawn Kill

Rebecca Quintana awarded the game a coveted 9 out of 10 rating. She especially liked the game’s audio:

What really blew me away was the excellent sound throughout the game. While none of the game is voiced (not that I would expect it to be, and not that I think that hinders the game at all), the background sounds really stood out. Each crisp footprint or the hiss of the wind; the birds chirping or the creak, creak of a sign blowing back and forth – all of these really added to the immersiveness of the game, and definitely make playing with headphones recommended, although certainly not required.

Rebecca also judged Scarlett herself to be “beautiful and saucy”. We concur!


Tammy Ashworth was “struck by the game's disarmingly thoughtful, even intuitive, interface design”. Scarlett succeeded for her with its “quirky dialogue replete with sarcasm, swears, and some awfully bad bee jokes.” We make no apologies for any groans induced, Tammy!

Game on Mac

Finally for today, Bobby Travis said he doesn’t think he’s “ever had more fun playing a point and click adventure”. I think it’s fair to say that he absolutely loved it:

I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun playing a point and click adventure than I did when playing Scarlett and the Spark of Life. I know that’s a broad statement, but I’m absolutely serious. Everything about this game is appealing, from the modern cartoon-style art, to the off-beat sense of humor, to the extremely weird mechanical horse with a bad attitude and a God-complex. You read that right.

This was seriously one of the best games that we’ve ever played. If you don’t pick this up, you’re missing out.

Go get Scarlett and the Spark of Life. Even if you don’t normally like point and click (or tap) adventure games, you will probably like this one. If you have a sense of humour, it’s going to be hard not to. What are you waiting for?